residential metal WORK

At En.Zo Metal, we fabricate one of a kind residential architectural metal work.

Your home, be it a brownstone in Brooklyn, a farm upstate or a penthouse on Park Ave, is one of the most important and influential spaces you will occupy. Thoughtful, beautiful and intriguing designs enrich the lives of those who live with them. 

We work with designers, architects and private clients to realize a wide range of decorative and functional metal work in residential spaces. We can begin at any stage of design, producing finish samples, technical drawings and advising, where necessary, on technical and mechanical considerations. En.Zo always provides a full set of construction drawings for approval, and works with the client to find the perfect patina finish for their work.

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Our work is fabricated to the highest level of quality. We specialize in stairs, metal and glass partition walls, doors, countertops, railings and more. We can create nearly any architectural metal element, and always enjoy a novel challenge.

We offer a wide range of milling, waterjet cutting, CAD and CNC and milling operations. We fabricate to the highest level of precision and finish every object by hand. Our master craftsmen and women are engaged throughout the process of fabrication. At En.Zo, we treat each project as a work of craft, producing beautiful objects that will last for generations.

We work in all metals including brass, bronze, steel, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and copper. 

We offer a wide range of proprietary, custom patina finishes. We achieve a remarkable range of tones and textures through our many hand applied patinas.

En.Zo also offers the full range of commercial grade finishes, including anodized aluminum, plating, powder coat and commercial lacquers.