At En.Zo Metal, we fabricate custom metal furniture. We produce high-end, singular designs as well as small production runs for restaurants, offices and other commercial applications. We work to meet cost and tight deadlines, while maintaining our commitment to top quality craftsmanship.

We work in a large range of metals including brass, bronze, steel, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and copper. Our work ranges from hand crafted, museum quality art work to precision machined, intricate designs.

We offer our range of proprietary, custom patina finishes. We can achieve a remarkable range of tones and textures through our many hand applied patinas. En.Zo also offers the full range of commercial grade finishes, including anodized aluminum, powder coat and commercial lacquers.

We work with designers, architects and private clients, from conception through to completed product. Our priority is that you, the client, are thrilled with the work we deliver.